14th July 2024: Faith in the Furnace

Three friends refuse to compromise and are thrown into the flames, yet God works a miracle. In this message Douglas explains how God is also with us, even in our darkest days.

7th July 2024: Heart of Stone, Feet of Clay

In today’s message we see Daniel interpreting a dream that impacted not only for the king but can impact us as. Listen as Douglas unpacks Daniel 2 God’s Word for busy lives today.

30th June 2024: Pray For the City

How can we stop from being squeezed into the shape of our God dishonouring world? In this sermon Douglas shows how Jeremiah 29 helped and Daniel and his three friends and how this same passage can help us.

23rd June 2024: Honouring God

In this sermon Douglas opens up the book of Daniel to show how we can honour God in a God-dishonouring world.

16th June: Overcoming Tough Times

How can we be assured that God’s control when our world is falling apart? This exactly what the book of Daniel focus’ on. In this first message from Daniel Douglas explains why this book is so important for us.

9th June 2024: Don’t Be Conformed

With claims and counterclaims many ideas and movements vie for our allegiance. In today’s message Howard Cross shares from God’s Word truths that will see us centered on the one thing that deserves our “everything and our all”.

2nd June 2024: Drifting Away

Complacency is the biggest threat to faith. In this message Jenny Doyle highlights the danger of drifting and how we can shore up our walk with God by fixing our eyes upon Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

26th May: Pleasing God in Prayer

If God is God how can our prayers make a difference. In this message Gayel explores how as children of God we can make a difference in prayer.

12th May 2024: Humble Service

Every healthy church has at its core a culture of humble service. In this message Kevin Finlay encourages us to lean into our gifts to help build up the body of Christ.

5th May 2024: The Parable of Generosity

In this message Ray Coster opens up a story told by Jesus that many find irritating but has an amazing example of God’s favour to those who least deserve it.

28th April 2024: Obey

In this message Iain Dickson shares how obedience is key to walking in God’s many blessings. and being victorious in Spiritual warfare. (note: the video kicks-in 20s into this message)

14th April 2024: Pathways in Prayer

When it comes to prayer God has wired us differently. In this message Douglas will help identify which of seven pathways best fits you and how leaning into this can transform your prayer life for the better.

7th April 2024: Easter: What’s It All About

Though New Zealanders appreciate the holiday weekend many are confused about what Easter’s all about. In this message Douglas explores this confusion before using Jesus’ words to explain why we celebrate Easter.

31st March 2024: Behold I Make All Things New (Easter Sunday)

In this Resurrection Sunday message Jenny Doyle explores the core meaning of Easter.

29th March 2024: To Him Be the Glory (Good Friday)

Two plots to kill Jesus: one was foiled, the other succeeded. Yet this was God’s plan to bring blessing upon blessing into our lives.

24th March 2024: Hail to the King

As Jesus enters Jerusalem before a cheering crowd he walks into controversy and stirs up the opposition.

17th March 2024: Judge Not One Another

When it’s easy to start judging one another the Bible has refreshing and practical guidance on how to avoid falling into this pattern. (This is the eighth and final sermon in our “One Another” series”

10th March 2024: Covered By Grace

There’s tremendous satisfaction when something tired and worn out is repurposed and given a new life, just like when God’s grace takes hold of us. 

25th February 2024: Faith for 2024

After the disruptions of the last few years 2024 feels like a return to normal, though new and different. In today’s message Kevin Finlay explores what our faith can look like in this new “normal”. This is an audio only message.

18th February 2024: Forgive One Another

In this message Cathrine shares practical insights on how we can be released from bitterness and resentment and and so be free to forgive others. This is an audio only file. (7th sermon in the “One Another” series).

11th February 2024: My Faith Journey

Gayel shares significant markers in her faith journey to encourage us in our walk with God. This is an audio only file.

2nd February 2024: Desert Wanderings

With God the shortest distance between two points is not always a straight line. This message encourages us to see God’s hand in twists and turns as our life plays out.

28th February 2024: Serve One Another

As we move through our “one another” series Catherine opens up God’s Word to explore what serving one another looks like. This is an audio only file.

21st January 2024: Spur One Another On

As a cheering crowd spurs on an athlete to finish the race and finish well so we can spur on one another to honour God and build each other up.

14th January 2024: The Real Lord’s Prayer

You can tell a lot about person by the way they pray. This is especially so for Jesus as he prays his magnificent prayer on the night he was betrayed.

7th January 2024: The Lord’s Prayer

As we settle into the New Year Douglas explores how to use the Lord’s prayer to deepen and refresh our devotional life.

31st December 2023: One Out of Ten

Out of the ten healed lepers one has a lot to teach us about being thankful.

25th December 2023: Do Not Be Afraid

In the Charlie Brown Christmas Special  Linus shows us the true meaning of Christmas in surprisingly real way.

24th December 2023: Disgraceful Family Tree

As we explore the family tree of Jesus we’ll see the practical way in which he is Emmanuel – God with us.

Light in the Dark Places: 17th December 2023

How do we make sense of Herod killing children in response to the birth of ChristJesus. In this sermon Douglas explores how the coming of Jesus brings light even in the darkest of places.

I am Not Alone: 10th December 2023

In this Family Service message Douglas connects the holiday favourite “Home Alone” with a powerful truth about the Christmas story and the coming of Jesus. This is an audio only recording.

Playing With The Box: 6th December 2023

In this mid-week service Douglas shares how some folk seem happy with the box when the greatest gift ever given languishes in the corner.

Admonish One Another: 3rd December 2023

Because today’s “One Another” is controversial it is rarely preached or taught. Yet the Bible is clear, admonishing one and other is just as important as loving and praying for one another. On top of this when it’s done well it is a powerful way of keeping our faith and the church focused on Jesus.

Pray for One Another: 26th November 2023

In our “one another” series Douglas explores how we can pray for one another in ways that are consistent, compelling, creative.

Are you walking with God: 19th November 2023

In today’s message Iain Dickson reminds that despite being pulled “this way and that” there is a read joy in following Jesus

Love One Another: 12th November 2023

Join us as Douglas takes a fresh look on what it is to follow Jesus’ command to “love one another as I have loved you”.


Power Through Persecution: 5th November 2023

In this final message from 1 Peter Douglas explores how Christians can face pushback and persecution in a way that honours God and strengthens our faith.

The Parable of the Vineyard: 1st November 2023

In this midweek service Douglas opens up a parable that underscores God’s loving kindness, even to those who arrive at the party late. Matthew 20:1-16

Resist and Win: 29th October

The Bible has clear teaching about the devil but what do we make of it in our modern times? In today’s sermon Douglas explores what 1 Peter has to say and its impact in our lives.

Give Anxiety Away: 22nd October 2023

In todays’ message from 1 Peter Douglas explores how we can experience freedom and healing as we cast our anxieties on our Heavenly Father who cares for us. Note: The sound quality is not as clear as normal.

Humility Toward One Another: 15th October 2023

In today’s message from 1 Peter Douglas explores the pitfalls of pride and how to foster humility in our lives and church.

Looking Back: 11th October 2023

At Phyl’s Funeral Service Douglas looks at a scripture passage she’s highlighted in her Bible journal.

Encourage One Another: 8th October 2023

In a few weeks we’ll be starting a series on “One Anothering” in the Bible.  In today’s message Cathrine gives us a taster as she explores how we can Encourage One Another.

Unequal Debt, Great Love: 4th October 2023

In this midweek service Douglas opens up a parable that sheds light on the healing power of God’s wonderful forgiveness.

Finishing Strong: 1st October 2023

Ray Coster brings an encouraging word to those who are struggling – as well to those who are not. This is message is audio only.

Shepherds For The Church: 24th September 2023

In today’s message Douglas explores key themes in leadership focusing on the role of church elders as described in 1 Peter 5.

My Help Comes: 9th September 2023

Where does our help come from, especially as we face death or mourn loved ones? In this message, preached at the funeral service of Charlie Summers, we will be encouraged to find God’s comfort is an ever present reality.

Judgment Begins: 17th September 2023

Have you ever wondered if there’ll be a final judgment we all must face? As Peter starts to close off his letter he not only summarises what he’s been saying about suffering but instructs on the Day of Judgment.

What Do We Know: 15th September 2023

When it comes to dying and the afterlife what do we know? In this message Douglas offers words of encouragement and challenge at the Memorial Service for Neil Hight.

Vital Signs: 10th September 2023

In this message Douglas explores what the vital signs of a healthy church are and how these are influenced by the second coming of Jesus.

Identity : 25th June 2023

How do young people establish their identity in a social media world? In today’s message Douglas looks at how we can develop a healthy, robust and authentic identity that honours God while being true to ourselves. 

At His Right Hand: 3rd September 2023

With the Rugby World Cup about to start there’s a lot of focus on our national team. In this message Douglas uses a heart warming example from the All Blacks to shed fresh insight on how we can look out for each other in prayer.

Done With Sin: 27th August 2023

Everyone has experienced the pressure to belong to the “in crowd” even if it means compromising our standards. In this message from 1 Peter Douglas explores what the Bible has to say about peer pressure and how we can find the strength to resist and remain strong.

Baptism – Saved from Judgment: 20th August 2023

As In today’s message Douglas shows how Noah and flood gives fresh insight to the meaning of baptism.

Once for All: 13th August 2023

As we move through 1 Peter Douglas opens up one of the most puzzling passages in the New Testament as well as celebrating what it means for Jesus to die once for all.

Reasons to Believe: 6th August 2023

Atheists tell us that all religious faith is blind faith. Is this true? In this message Douglas explores compelling evidence for the Christian faith with a focus on the resurrection.

Biblical Insights on Pornography: 5th August 2023

In this Mens Breakfast message Douglas gives Biblical insight and practical responses to protect and free us from the scourge of online pornography.


Tossed About: 2nd August 2023

In this mid-week message Douglas explores what faith is and how even the smallest faith can make all the difference when placed in the right place.

Always Prepared: 30th July 2023

What is one of most rewarding ways of communicating our faith? In this message we learn how to prepare and share our testimony so we can answer people who ask about the hope we have in Jesus.

Called to Suffer: 23rd July 2023

Suffering can make us bitter or better. In today’s message Douglas explores how God uses our suffering for his glory and our benefit.

Church Together: 16th July 2023

What makes one church healthy and another unhealthy? In this sermon Douglas explores what 1 Peter tells us about doing church together and doing it well.

Comfort For Those Who Mourn: 12th July 2023

How Jesus can be a real comfort as we grieve the loss of a loved one. Words of encouragement spoken at the funeral service of Nancy Aked.

Husbands and Wives: 9th July 2023

In today’s message Douglas opens up the Bible to explore God’s plan for healthy husband and wife relationships.

Bearing Fruit: 5th July 2023

In this midweek service Douglas explores how we can bear much good fruit even when we are in life’s later stages.

Spectacle of Glory : 2nd July 2023

Today Douglas explores what the Bible says about suffering, including advice given to an accident victim who had just become a quadriplegic, “God permits what he hates, to accomplish that what he loves” 

Out of the Depths : 19th June 2023

The Psalms are a tremendous resource to help us as we grieve. In this sermon Douglas opens up Psalm 130 to encourage and comfort us as we miss Faai dearly.

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