Here are a few things happening in St Andrews…

There is an army of pray-ers supporting our Church and its needs. If you would like to receive our prayer needs list or have prayer requests yourself, please email Margaret,

Come be part of a loving environment, with an experienced English Second Language teacher. You will grow in the English language and in your knowledge of Jesus.

Whether you’re trying to save or needing to manage debt, the CAP system can help you reach your financial goals. Each relaxed session will take 1-2 hours over 3-4 sessions and will give you the tools you need to succeed, including an online budgeting system that you can use forever. Contact Shanelle: 0224763995 for more information about these.

Tuesday Evening Prayer Group started earlier this year to pray for the leadership, ministry settlement team, and God’s guidance. This has continued and prayers have grown to include blessing in the new normal of today. Prayer group is led by Gayel Patterson at St Andrews.