Ladies Night 2020 was a beautiful night together, we enjoyed fellowship and celebrating the unique giftings and talents which God has designed His children with. We would like to thank those ladies who came along as guests and made the night incredibly special.

Stay tuned for our next Ladies Night!

Come to Ladies Night 2020 to be inspired, encouraged, equipped and spiritually filled!

Michelle Englehardt is presenting the topic ‘God, Life and What it Means to be Human’.

Have you ever stopped to question what life is all about? Who is this God some people insist is real? And who am I? Can knowing the answer to these questions help us make better sense of our lives?
This talk will look at who God is and who we are, through the idea that all life is part of a grand creative narrative we could call – The Story of Life. Of course, there are many versions of this story so we will look at three of these, including the Christian Story, to help us each decide which version is most likely to
be true.