At St Andrews we believe in fellowship and the gathering of the Saints to learn and grow together, outside of the Sunday service as well as inside. It is important to us that you feel connected and part of this Community. One way we do this is in small groups that meet at each other’s homes, which is exactly how the early Church first operated.

Here are a few of our current Homegroups, if you would like to be part of one please call our office for more details.

07 5759347

Cassidy group (Bayfair) – Mondays from 7.30pm

We have been meeting together for several years now, for fellowship, prayer and study. We start the evening with supper, which quite often involves a birthday cake. Once a month we have a mission focus. We are blessed with good friendships which gives us support in times that can be difficult. 

Greenwood group (Hairini) – Wednesdays from 7pm

We have three aims – to read and study scriptures inductively, pray as we share our personal issues and concerns for others, and we aim to provide pastoral care for each other, especially if there are health issues. We occasionally have a shared meal and have the best suppers to be found anywhere!

Earp group (Bayfair) – Thursdays from 7pm

We are a group that know and love our Bibles and enjoy searching out more truth from the Scriptures. For all the seriousness of what we do, there is always plenty of laughter. 

Koolaard group (Waitui Grove) – Mondays at 2pm.

We enjoy study and warm fellowship. We start with worship and praise. We enjoy studying God’s word together. We also pray for any needs that arise and are missions focused. We enjoy afternoon tea and fellowship.