Women’s Apologetics Event

Come relax and be encouraged, inspired and equipped to answer some of the hard faith questions we are hit with in our culture today.
We have guest apologetics speaker Michelle Englehardt sharing from a topic in the new book written by Hillary Morgan Ferrer
‘Mama Bears Apologetics: Empowering your kids to challenge cultural lies’
Whether you’re a mum, grandmother, mother in the faith, aunt, spiritual mum… this night is for you.

We also have 2 special performances by the talented Alicia Swanepoel,
a makeover booth and beauty tips by Shandy from Impress Beauty,
and you will be spoilt with a beautiful supper!

Childcare is available in the ‘Daddy Night Care’ room.

Enjoy the journey, bring some friends and come along!


Alicia Swaenpoels performance on the night: I Believe

Guest Speaker Michelle Englehardt will be speaking on ‘Postmodernism and it’s Effect on Truth’

Having completed the RZIM Academy Core Module in 2018, Michelle is currently studying towards a Certificate in Apologetics through Biola University as a potential Masters student. Michelle believes passionately that apologetics training is vital for Christian evangelism in today’s culture. Working full time as a Community Programmes Specialist, Michelle lives in Tauranga with her youngest daughter, Eden and writes when she can for Thinking Matters.

Post Modernism and it’s Effect on Truth: Michelle Englehardt

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